Fatal Error nVidia PhysX

By Cliff Kapatais | August, 20, 2010 | 12 comments

Lately I’ve been running into a couple of problems trying to set-up and install games. In the middle of the installation I get the very helpful message: Fatal Error – “Installation ended prematurely because of an error.” This has happened to me when trying to set-up Borderlands and Metro 2033. It turns out that this is because of a problem with the nVidia PhysX driver and that it only occurs under Vista and Win 7.

Physx install fatal error

Also there is a really simple fix to get around this:

  1. Right click the PhysX .exe or .msi file and create a shortcut
  2. Right click the shortcut and edit properties
  3. In the Tab “Shortcut” there is a field called “Target” which contains the path to the .exe or .msi file, at the end of this you simply need to add a blank and then /quiet
  4. Then OK, to save the changes and run the shortcut

Result = No more problems!

Not sure why running the installation in the background with the “/quiet” option resolves this error, but as long as it works, I don’t really care… :)

Happy gaming!

The current nVidia PhysX driver can be found here: http://www.nvidia.com/object/physx-9.10.0513-driver.html

12 Responses to Fatal Error nVidia PhysX

  • sam

    it seems that I have the same problem with borderlands as you
    tough when I did what you did it ask for language
    then it say’s The Wise Installation Wizard is extracting files to you local computer, please wait…
    then nothing happens anymore
    maybe you know what to do then?

  • Cliff Kapatais

    Sorry, unfortunately not. Didn’t run into that problem… Maybe someone else can help you and leave a comment.

    Good luck, Cliff

  • Jack

    I’m stupid, I know. Where the H3LL is this PhysX.exe or .msi file? All searches bring up nothing. It is not in my Nvidia file either.
    Thank you.

  • Arkonali

    When I double click on the shortcut, nothing happened, have you got another solution ?

  • mohab

    ok i’ve tried this over and over once i type it with \ a message shows explains to me what happens if I type slash then anything like quiet and once I type it as shown nothing happens i click over and over and nothing happens

  • mohab

    plz help me I accidentally un-installed physx and this damn error appears to me every time I try to install any version of physx :(

  • mohab

    hey guys i finally found the solution finally I am fuckin genius insted of typing /quiet you only have to type ” /passive” don’t forget the space :D

  • Jason Miller


    Confirmed. That worked for me. Strange… and thanks!

  • Max Labuta

    MOHAB: Thanks a lot, your suggestion worked like a charm. Just add /passive when running the executable. I wonder what is the error anyway. Weird.

  • DamiL

    It worked for me!! Your my hero MOHAB! Thanks!!

  • ayush

    Thnxxx “Mohab”it really helped me a lot!!!

  • Oskar

    For me the solution was to
    download the PhysX driver from NVidia site and use Repair option.

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