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By Cliff Kapatais | May, 6, 2010 | 27 comments

I recently united my music collection on one  machine and thus proceeded to clean up the other PCs and Laptops. Part of my clean up involved uninstalling iTunes on all machines that it wasn’t needed on any more. While going through the list of installed programms I also noticed something called “Apple Application Support” and thinking it was part of iTunes I hastily uninstalled it as well.

Unfortunately the “Apple Application Support” isn’t only used by iTunes but also by other Apple applications such as Quicktime, so every time I tried to play a Quicktime .mov I now got an error message prompting me to “Please Install Apple Application Support”.

A quick search on the Apple website netted me no results, it seems this application isn’t available anywhere as download.

After a bit of research on the net, I discovered that the file you need is called AppleApplicationSupport.msi and you can get to it by using either of these obscure ways:

  • Open the iTunes or Quicktime installer file with a compression program such as WinRAR and extract the file AppleApplicationSupport.msi
  • Run the install application and leave the program idle at its menus.  Navigate to your temporary director and look for a folder named IXPxxx.tmp (xxx is a random number).  The MSI program will be located in that folder.  Please note:  You must leave the installer running.  If you close the installer, it will delete the temporary directory.

After you have the file just run it and the error message will not bother you any more.

Happy Quicktiming!

27 Responses to Apple Application Support

  • romeocasanada

    Thank you for your post, it happens the same to me too. I will try to fix it.

  • DarKMaster


  • Rod

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I read others where they said I had to uninstall QT and ITune, safari, etc., then reinstall. But if you follow your directions exactly, everything works fine. It not only fixed QT, but I was having problems with errors in Adobe After Effects, and with this fix, it also fixed the output template module” error, and “QT will be disabled.”

    I wish others could read this, because many are having this problem, and you provided a simple solution.

  • janice

    i downloaded the winRAR, however, I can not figure out how to open the itunessetup.exe with the winRAR. It does not give me that option. I have uninstalled itunes and quicktime. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Cliff

    Hi Janice,

    You need winRAR installed on your PC, then start that program and go to File -> Open, and then choose the Quicktime or iTunes install file you downloaded. Then winRAR should display you a bunch of files, one of them being “AppleApplicationSupport.msi”. Extract that file (right-click->extract) and then execute it (double-click) and you should be fine again…

    Hope this helps!

  • Paige Malone

    Here is a link to the file download appleapplicationsupport.msi download it with winrar from here

    here is the source page that has just about any apple file you will need to get your apple stuff up and running.Hope this helps, it worked great for me i installed the application aupport file and then the update file and it told me everything I was missing and let me reinstall quicktime and itunes with ease!
    Good luck!

  • Paige Malone
  • Loic

    Thanks, the first option did the trick. :)

  • Gene

    Easier than that was do a search for “AppleApplicationSupport.msi”
    when found double click and it installs.

  • Acia

    Thank you so much I accidentally deleted mines and this was so helpful.

  • mawia

    omgg loved it. it really helped!

  • MoorReese

    Thank you very much kind sir.

  • Ssebukondwe Baker

    I can’t download apple/iTunes/application’s

  • Cliff Kapatais

    You mean you have problems downloading iTunes from the Apple site? What happens or what error message do you receive?

  • athenrixen

    I found that if i went in to the control panel and uninstalled the apple application support.msi file and then after opening the file in winRAR i was able to install the apple application support.msi file. If you don’t have an open with option then drag and drop the file into the winRAR program or get it to compress the file and then you can open and view the contents. thanks for the help.

  • dj rom SW

    Thanks a lot – after a long search this was finally the rescue – worked in nearly no time!!!!!!

  • ogulcan

    brilliant! didn’t know we can open .exe with winrar. thanks a lot..

  • Kevin

    A nearly 2 year old post saves my morning!
    Thanks very much.

  • pedro

    EXACTLY the same thing happened to me. and the soultion you wrote worked perfectly for me!
    I extracted a quick time installer and found the application support installer there.

  • Chad702

    I was doing a clean up of my hard drive and deleted apple support app… I even tried to reinstall quicktime. But you were right I couldn’t find the answer anywhere. This was the quickest fix ever to a stressful situation! My shoulders rose up 4 inches… Thanks for taking the stress off them!

  • giggi

    thank youuu!! u’ve been very usefull!

  • Kostas

    You are the man! Thank you!

  • hamdy aly

    Thank You For Your Services

  • Amanda

    Thanks so much! Worked perfectly!

  • Stan Vav

    Fantastic, it worked like a charm. Finally, my problem is solved!
    Cliff, you are the best.

  • Mitchel Pilipovic

    Thank you so much for providing the easiest and quickest way to fix this issue.
    Others were stating to reinstall QuickTime or iTunes, etc.
    I am including the information below because I somewhat used your second method to fix this issue.
    I didn’t even get to a menu.
    Since iTunes was already installed an I had only deleted Apple Application Support I got this message ‘A later version of itunes is already installed on this computer.’ immediately after starting ‘iTunes64Setup.exe. I did not have to open the file with a compression program (saves the trouble of having to find and install such a program) and didn’t have to go further into the Setup program.
    This makes it even easier and I would suggest that maybe people would want to try this procedure first.
    Checked “C:\Users\nnnnnn\AppData\Local\Temp\IXPxxx.TMP\iTunes64.msi”
    All files were in this folder:
    Ran ‘AppleApplicationSupport.msi’ from that folder.
    All fixed.

  • Jonas

    Wow thanks for this post! All my problems (with the application support)just went out the door.


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